Support Your Country In The Fifa World Cup

Fifa World Cup is an outlet for cultural expression.

Every four years citizens from around the globe get together to support their country in the Fifa World Cup, the most popular mass spectator sporting event in the world, with viewers in almost every country. The comprehensive sport is not only a game but it is reflector of cultural nationalism. With just one goal humanity can come alive.

The same passion for the game is fueled all over the world. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, if you call it Soccer, Football, Futbol, or Voetball. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on a professional soccer field or in a town in Africa playing with a ball made out of rags, nylon, and plastic bags. The beautiful game and rules stay the same with everyone knowing that you must put the ball into the net. This simplicity is the reason it’s so popular all over the world.

Even those who don’t usually watch or play soccer still love cheering on their country because it is more than just guys running around chasing a ball; it is a form of cultural expression that everyone can take part in. It’s an emotional ride with highs and lows, the suspense of a close game can leave you with tears of joy or tears of sorrow waiting for the next game when your team can either make a comeback or stay on top.

With the 21st Fifa World Cup just around the corner everyone is starting to feel the excitement build and are starting to show their team spirit. World Table Company can help you represent your country with a unique customizable coffee table in the shape of a country of your choosing, perfect for hosting the game at home. Visit our shop to purchase your own.

Serve your guests their favorite snacks on a cutting board shaped like your home country, or simply hang up a piece of wall art of your favorite team so everyone knows who you are rooting for when they enter your home.

Each item is beautifully hand crafted in Canada with distinct detail to make it easy to tell which country you are supporting this season.

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