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World Table Company for businesses. Would you like to attract new customers or impress existing ones? Would you like to make your business space more customer friendly and appealing? Now you can do this by changing your restaurant, office or business concept with us. We provide you with product and solutions that will combine natural wood warmth and compelling designs attracting people. Contact us and we help you achieve WOW effect.

Our products help you to add a special touch to your space. Custom made personalized coffee and end tables made of natural wood make your place to look outstanding. Click here to see more available options.

We at World Table Company care a great deal about all types of consumers that will purchase and enjoy our product for many years this is why we offer a special product of wood that will allow our commercial clients the opportunity to select a wood that will be more durable and stronger as it will have a lot more abuse and traffic on. This product is also used in an outdoor application which is water resistant and minimal fading from the sun and other elements.

Thermally modified ASH is wood that has been modified by a controlled heating method to about 180 °C. The absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the chemical structures of cell wall components in the wood in order to increase its durability. Low oxygen is present in the process and prevents the wood from burning from high temperatures. This process also allows the ash to become more water resistant and decay resistant.

Thermal modification of this wood brings few advantages to its applications:

  • Thermally treated wood is 7 times more stable than wood without the treatment
  • Wood stability is improved (less splinters, warp, check, bow, cup, expansion, and contraction)
  • Thermal conductivity of the wood is reduced, and such surface will remain at comfortable temperature level
  • Moisture content is reduced with increased resistance to moisture related movement
  • Wood dust is non-toxic
  • The wood is more environmentally friendly than the pressure treated, tropical, composite and other modification processes and is harvested only from well-managed U.S. forests
  • The thermal modification process uses only heat and steam, no chemicals

Now you can enjoy elegance of interior design outdoors. This type of would thanks to its properties is commonly used for following outdoor projects: decking, handrails, fencing, privacy Screens, planter Boxes, Exterior Garden Furniture including World Table Company coffee tables, interior feature walls, ceiling paneling and many more.

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