Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Production and Packaging Process

We start the production process right after we receive your custom-made order from our on-line store. First we hand pick through all the best looking pieces of wood you have chosen, whether its white oak, maple, walnut, cherry or ash. After we have the perfect pieces selected we bring them all together in a unique wood grain pattern. Planed smooth to the touch, it then goes through our wood treatment process where we carefully stain the wood table to the color of your choice The stain is then rubbed in by hand with a rag. If you choose to pick a lacquer finish we apply this after the stain dries. We then bake the table slightly in our massive ovens to harden the lacquer smooth. While all of that is going on we are custom bending steel to make our hairpin legs. After we carefully level our legs we powder coat them to the color of your choice. Now that the table is finished and the legs are ready, we then place your table in our one of a kind foam surround leaving no gaps for air. Your legs get placed tightly beside the table, we then slide the whole package into our cardboard boxes ready for shipping directly to your door step. This whole process from order to packaging has a lead time of about 2 – 3 weeks.

Payment Options

All online orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase. We accept major credit cards like Master Card, Visa or AMEX. We also accept PayPal payments through our online store. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a wire transfer payment.


The shipping cost is calculated at checkout and is determined by the destination and weight of the parcel. Orders shipped via FedEx or Canada Post are delivered Monday through Friday, between 8am and 5pm.

Please note that a signature may be required upon reception of the order.

Your coffee table will be shipped in a specially designed box to prevent any damages.

Pricing and Other Errors

The prices shown for each individual product option and in your shopping cart are for merchandise only. Please proceed to checkout to see the total cost of your order, including any applicable tax and delivery will be shown.

While we strive for accuracy in the pricing displayed on this website and the other product information we provide, errors can occur.

In the case of an error due to technicalities World Table Company reserves the right not to honor pricing errors on this website. In the case where an order placed online contains a pricing error, you will be contacted and the order will be cancelled. Any payments that have been authorized for that order will immediately be reversed. Should you discover an error once your order is delivered, you will need to contact us immediately and we will guide you on how to proceed on shipping the product back for an exchange.

Order Cancellation, Modifying or Rescheduling

Change your mind after placing an order? That’s not a problem. Orders can be cancelled as long as they have not been prepared for delivery by our delivery partners. To cancel your order, simply call us at (204)296-1397 or email us at contact@worldtablecompany.comWe will promptly refund your credit card. In some cases, a restocking fee and delivery fees may apply if you cancel your order after it has been picked up for delivery.

Your order, shipping address and contact information cannot be modified within five (5) business days of the scheduled shipping date. Additional fees may apply for any modifications made to the order during this period.


Our tables are very custom to your personal needs and wants from the options provided by us. Therefor any flaws in the natural wood pattern or colors of the stain are not warranted and are sold as is. Any damage noted during the delivery process will be documented, therefor we will offer a full exchange of the product after we have received the original damaged table. All Sales are final.

Our tables include a 1 year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, discoloration due to exposure to the sun or from abuse.

Inspecting Delivery

Upon receiving your order, please ensure that you have received all the items purchased. Your packing slip will be affixed to one of your boxes.

Please inspect your package after delivery and if you discover any damage you must contact us within the first 24hrs of delivery. The transporter will not accept responsibility for any damages which have not been indicated on the packing slip. If you find any damage on your merchandise, keep all the contents and their original outer and inner packaging, also please take photos of the damage and send to us. Please contact us immediately following your delivery to ensure that proper action is taken.

Custom Order Requirements

We want your custom ordering experience to be as seamless as possible. We require before you place any orders to measure your own space on where you will place your table in your home.

The measurements are up to the responsibility of the customer which include the actual size of the table and also the height of the table. In case of any questions or doubts please contact us by phone or email. This way we make sure that you receive a product built according to all your requirements and specification.

Assembling Your Order

Your order will come in a secure box with everything you need to assemble your own table along with an installation sheet. Your order should only take you 10 min to assemble.

If any parts are missing contact us immediately and we will send the needed part.

We are not responsible for a proper installation this is up to the consumer. We are not responsible for screws that have been stripped from incorrect installation of the legs.

Color of Wood and Staining

We realize that not all humans see color in the same way and everyone has a different computer screen they look into with different coloration.

We try our hardest to display in the best possible way the color of stain you will be receiving but are not guaranteeing color selections. We offer an overwhelming amount of stain colors to help with the decision making for your personal table. Any one color could be slightly different than what you see online and can’t guarantee an exact match.  Also every wood species take every color of stain in a different way and makes colors look different from one type of wood species to another.

For example (the Graphite color stain on a maple table will look lighter then on a walnut table as walnut is a darker wood). Every order is final sale. We can answer any questions you may have via Phone or email before placing your order.